Waterproof greenhouse horticulture

Working on clean water together
GlastuinbouwWaterproof.nl is the leading knowledge platform on water for greenhouse horticulture. The partners aim to share knowledge and experiences related to the sustainable use of water with greenhouse horticultural entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

The Greenhouse Horticulture programme strives to reach (nearly) zero emissions of fertilisers and crop protection agents by 2027. Closed water recycling loops at the level of the company or area are essential, as well as the availability of sufficient good irrigation water.

Cooperation is paramount to reach this goal. Cooperation between entrepreneurs, chain partners, researchers and governments. Waterproof Glasshouse Horticulture organises a range of projects with these parties on the optimal reuse, limitation of emissions, cultivation using alternative systems, and the development of disinfection and purification techniques.

The website hosts current developments, knowledge from research and projects, as well as experiences with sustainable water management of entrepreneurs.